Here at HDSA group we pride ourselves on our teamwork and morale. Maintaining an environment that promotes and encourages honesty and the courage to speak up in all aspects of work and life. What better way to promote this than by wearing our Trademutt work shirts, honouring the story and the message they stand for. 

Trademutt came about through tragedy, Dan and Ed (Co-founders) having lost one of their closest work mates to suicide. They aim to help in making tradies and workers feel and look great, and in doing so reduce the rate of male suicide in Australia. The loud and vibrant shirts act as catalysts in starting the conversation about mens mental health, a topic that has been hard to approach, mostly due to the attached stigmas and perceived weakness. 

The bravest thing you can do is seek help, it takes strength to speak up. We'd like to continue to bring light to mens mental health and encourage everyone to start the conversation.